Bad Boss Card Game

Bad Boss | The Card Game That Won’t Get You Fired!

We have been appointed as the distributor of Bad Boss Card Game in Singapore! In case you don’t know, Bad Boss Card Game is developed by our local partner, Ameba. Ameba specialized in creating fun and quirky products that models on our local culture.

Ever seen mugs that look like this?

Yandao Mug | Toy Galeria SingaporeKopi Break Mug | Toy Galeria Singapore

Or notebooks that contain Singlish wordings?

Chiobu Notebook | Toy Galeria SingaporeKena Arrow Notebook | Toy Galeria Singapore

And cushions that are these localized?

Huat Cat Cushion | Toy Galeria SingaporeChope Cushion | Toy Galeria Singapore

Yup, these are all Ameba’s work! And the Bad Boss Card Game is their latest product. The game was launched on Kickstarter in July 2019, and thanks to all the supporters, the project was fully funded even before the campaign ended! Sounds amazing, right?

Kindly allows us to elaborate more on this card game. Bad Boss Card Game’s gameplay models on the evergreen card game, Old Maid. While the gameplay is similar, the graphics and artworks are totally different. Bad Boss brings the game to a whole new office scene where you will probably see familiar characters whom you are encountering on a daily basis. Not too sure what we are talking about? Let us show you some example cards;

Bad Boss Pantry Thief | Toy Galeria SingaporeBad Boss Complain King | Toy Galeria SingaporeBad Boss BackStabber | Toy Galeria SingaporeBad Boss Ass Kisser | Toy Galeria Singapore

Now, do these characters look familiar? Bad Boss Card Game is definitely a game that will liven up the atmosphere in the office, and most importantly, it won’t get you fired! Well, only if you play it correctly! ;p

Pre-Order is now opened! Visit here to get a copy for yourself! Enjoy playing! :)

Reach out to us if you would like to be a reseller for Bad Boss Card Game!

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