Bears vs Babies

Bears vs Babies? SERIOUSLY?!

If you are a card game fanatics, you probably know what's going to be written below. If you are not, this blog post is for you!

Bears vs Babies (BvB), just the name itself is intriguing enough for you to read more about it. What if we tell you this card game is created by the same group of people who created the highly successful card game ‘Exploding Kittens’? Yes, it is.

BvB is basically a monster-building card game where you build monsters and go to war with the babies!

The goal of the game is really simple, you build monsters strong enough to defeat the babies when they attack. The player who has the most baby points will win the game! Still not clear enough? Thankfully the good guys at BvB made a short clip on the gameplay! Watch the video below for a more detailed gameplay.

Now you have understood the game, are you ready to build your own amazing monsters and go to war with those horrible babies? Click here to get your own deck now!

p.s There is an expansion pack to it, and we have to say its NSFW ;)

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