Christmas Gift Guide 2018


And.. it’s also the time when most of the people can’t decide what to get for the yearly gifts exchange!

Fret not! In this blog post, we have compiled some of our most recommended toys and games for your gift exchange!


1. Exploding Kittens Original Edition

What’s more intriguing than having a game of tabletop game with your homies during this festive season? In case you are not aware, Exploding Kittens is one of the most successfully funded projects in the history of Kickstarter! In our opinion, this is definitely one of the most popular and fun games, perfect gathering game! Moreover, they have just released their second expansion, the Streaking Kittens. Get the expansion as well to double the fun this festive season!


2. You’ve Got Crabs

The good guys at Exploding Kittens don’t just stop there, they are always coming out with extremely fun games for us! This is their latest creation, You’ve Got Crabs. In our opinion, this game is filled with fun and it’s a test of chemistry between you and your friends! Try to observe your partner’s secret signal and you get a chance to score a point, otherwise, if your opponent saw it before you do, you might lose a point instead! ‘You’ve Got Crabs’ will surely bring lots of fun and joy to you and your friends this Christmas!


3. Unstable Unicorns

This Christmas, it’s probably time to betray your friends, and race to build your own Unicorn Army! In this game, you are racing to build your own Unicorn Army as fast as you can, or you will probably be destroyed by your ‘friends’! Protect your stable now! In our opinion, Unstable Unicorns, one of the more popular tabletop games in recent months, packs a whole box of goodness in it!


4. Saboteur

Old but gold! Probably that’s how we can describe this game? Saboteur, an evergreen tabletop game! One of the first tabletop games introduced to us, till now, we still think it’s one of the easiest to learn yet it’s filled with lots of fun! What’s better? Now there is Saboteur 2! Saboteur 2 is an expansion only and it requires Saboteur to play with. Saboteur 2 introduced some new roles such as Boss, Profiteer, and Geologist to make the game even more exciting! This Christmas, which role would you like to take on?


5. Sushi Go!

Enough of sabotaging or betraying your friends! It’s a joyful season and we ought to have some fun making Sushi dishes! Sushi Go! is a pick and pass card game, in this game, players compete to make the most Sushi dishes to score points. You might want to consider yourself as the Sushi Master this Christmas. :p


6. Jolly Santa Plush 11”

What’s Christmas without Santa Claus?! This 11” plush will definitely bring a smile to you and your loved ones. Made of premium quality from the hundred-year-old soft toys manufacturer, Gund. Supper huggable and priced just below SGD20, bring Jolly Santa home this Christmas!


7. Rosey Mrs. Claus Plush 11”

HO HO HO! Pair Rosey Mrs. Claus with Jolly Santa and Chilly Snowman to complete the set! We are sure this trio will make a good gift this Christmas! Made by the same manufacturer for Jolly Santa, Rosey Mrs. Claus is just as huggable and priced the same as Jolly Santa!


8. Snuffes with Scarf Plush 10”

Snuffles plush is back again! This time with a scarf to celebrate this festive season! Snuffles is perhaps one of the most classic ‘bear soft toys’, it’s super soft and adorable! This Snuffles plush is in a unique crescent design which lets him look into your eyes with every hug!


9. Boo Christmas Plush 9”

Just in case you are not familiar with Boo. Boo is a Pomeranian that became an internet sensation! This 9” plush features Boo with a Santa cap and a doggie bone with a red bow. If you know someone who loves Boo, this could be the best gift for him/her this Christmas!


10. Pusheen Super Jumbo Plush 41”

What’s a better gift than getting a super hugeeeeee Pusheen plush for that friend of yours who is a Pusheen fanatic? This Jumbo plush features a Pusheen in her classic pose. This Christmas, surprise your Pusheen fanatic friend with this Pusheen Super Jumbo Plush!


Alright, we have come to an end for this gift ideas compilation. We hope you have found some inspirations on what to get for this Christmas! We definitely have many more products than these, but we certainly don’t want to make this blog post too lengthy, you can always browse our full collection here.


And for your information, from now till the end of 2018, every purchase made via our website, you will get FREE LOCAL SHIPPING with no minimum spend! Hurry and start shopping with us now!

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