How do I identify an authentic Pusheen plush?

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Authentic vs Fake Pusheen Plush

‘I just purchased a Pusheen plush that cost so much cheaper than the retail price! But, how do I tell if they are the authentic ones?!’

Yup, we heard a lot about that. If you are a true blue Pusheen fan, you probably would be able to tell how to identify an authentic Pusheen plush. But if you just fell in love with this super adorable cat and would like to start collecting their plushies, then you got to read this blog post to avoid getting the fake ones!.

First of all, Pusheen plushies are manufactured by a hundred-year-old toy manufacturer, Gund. With that said, Gund produced items are known for their high-quality standard and consistency in their products.

There are a couple of basic telltale signs of an authentic Pusheen plush. Firstly, all authentic Pusheen plush should come with at least a lenticular tag which features a Pusheen.

Secondly, the quality of the plush. All authentic Pusheen plush are well made, super huggable and in high quality. The features of the Pusheen should be proportionate as well.

Last but not least, the price. If you are getting it at a much lower price compared to the retail price, chances are it might be a fake one. However, always bear in mind, lower price does not necessarily mean that the Pusheen plush is a fake one, and a higher price does not automatically suggest that it is an authentic one. It’s always good to do more research before you purchase one. ;)

Finally, with all that said, we can assure you that the Pusheen plushies which we are selling are the authentic ones, rest assured and shop with us now! :) 

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