How do I wash Soft Toys?

‘It’s time for a wash. But how do we do that?’

Yes, you’re right! It’s probably time to give your favourite soft toy(s) a wash! But how do you do it? If you are reading this, we would like to share with you some information on washing/cleaning your soft toys.

Most soft toys come with a cleaning instruction which states on the tag itself, it will usually either be labeled as ‘machine washable’ or ‘hand wash only’. Today, we will be sharing some ways that we are using to wash/clean our own personal soft toys.

Before we begin, *disclaimers alert*, what we are about to share is solely based on our personal washing/cleaning methods, methods which we think are the easiest and the most cost efficient. It might not be the best ways to do it, but so far it works well for us. :)

We Need A Wash - How to wash soft toys


1) Machine Washable

For machine washable soft toys, it’s pretty straight forward, usually, we will remove all tags, place the soft toys into a washing net, and yes, it will go straight into the washing machine. Tadaaaa! It’s done! Sundry it and your favourite soft toy is now cleaned!


2) Hand Wash Only

For hand wash only soft toys, we will usually use soft toys spray cleaner on it. First, spray it on the soft toys and wipe to clean, then leave it to dry naturally. For soft toys with electronics module within, please take note to avoid direct sunlight as prolong heat might damage the module.

We have come to an end for today’s blog post, hope the above sharing is useful for you. Again, the above mentioned are what we personally do, it might not be the best methods. But please share with us how do you usually wash/clean your soft toys, we would love to learn more from you too! :)

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