Interesting Gifts in Singapore

Where to buy toys, games, and interesting gifts in Singapore?

‘Always wanted to buy something cute, fun, and quirky products as a gift to my friend, but where can I find interesting products in Singapore?’

If you are having the same problem as described above, we are here to help! In this blog post, we will be sharing some of the cute, fun, and quirky products you can find in Singapore!


Children Holding Guns

Let’s start with some local flavoured products. And the first we have in line is our local child – Children Holding Guns (CHG). CHG was a collection of ideas since the creator’s army days, the name is derived from a verse in the army song ‘Training to be Soldiers’. CHG’s products revolved mainly around the local army theme, one of the many really interesting products is the ‘Tekan Dice’.

We are pretty sure most of you are familiar with the term ‘Tekan’. But in any case, if you are not sure what it means, ‘Tekan’ is a term often used to describe being abused or scolded. As the name suggests, Tekan Dice is to Tekan! Well, we meant it in a fun way! :p. Tekan Dice consists of 5 different punishments and 1 immunity printed faces, and it’s definitely not your usual gift that you can find anywhere. You can get your very own Tekan Dice on their website, there are many other products available too, read up more on CHG here!



Next, since we are so immersed in local flavoured products now, let’s continue to talk about another brand that we personally adored as well, and that is Ameba. If you have read about our previous blog about on Bad Boss Card Game, you should be familiar with them, if you have not, don’t worry! Kindly allow us to make a brief introduction to them. Ameba specalised in creating fun and quirky products which models on our local culture. Recently they just created the Bad Boss Card Game which was fully funded on Kickstarter as well.

Some of their extremely popular products are the Singlish Notebooks which features Singlish wordings on the cover, and mugs that are printed with dialect wordings such as ‘Yan Dao’ and ‘Chio Bu’, with Yan Dao meaning handsome guy and Chio Bu translate into Beautiful Lady. Sounds interesting? Visit their webstore to see more of such quirky products!  



How about some interesting games? Yes, you can visit Zigzagme for interesting games! They are also the distributor for several well-known brands such as Paladone and Zipit! Some of the interesting games they have are the Escape Room Game and the nostalgic Rubberband Gun.

Apart from games, Zigzagme does carry some really fun and cute gifts as well. Visit their website to see more! Oh, they do accept bulk purchase too, so if you are thinking of doing a bulk purchase, do reach out to them! :)


Toy Galería

Lastly, how about a place where you can find cute, fun, and interesting toys and games? Ahemmm, and that is Toy Galería! You saw this coming, didn’t you? ;p ‘Shameless’ promotion ahead!

We are a toys and games online store based in Singapore. And we are also the authorised reseller for several brands, that includes, Gund, the hundred-year-old soft toys brand that produces many licensed products, one of which is the Pusheen Plush. We are also the authorised reseller for Gamewright, the publisher for the widely popular Sushi Go Card Game, and of course, we are the authorised reseller of Exploding Kittens, Throw Throw Burrito, and many others as well.

Recently we have also added Smoko products to our collection, you can read more about this on our previous blog post on Smoko products. And we are constantly expanding our product selections, we do that so you don’t have to search high and low for your favourite products! :)

With our current collections, you can expect to find fun and cute products such as the Pusheen Products, our Tabletop Games, and newly arrived Smoko Products such as the Pearl Boba Milk Tea Ambient Light. What’s better? Now you can enjoy free Singapore shipping with no minimum spend!

We hope this blog post is helpful to you, and let us know what products you would like us to carry! We will try our best to source it for you! Till then, enjoy shopping!

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