Pre-Order for Rilakkuma Plushies!

Pre-Order for Rilakkuma Plushies!

“Rilakkuma plushies are so adorable! I love them so much, but there are so many fake ones around! Where can I get an authentic Rilakkuma plush?!”

Ho ho ho (randomly trying to sound like Santa Claus here :p), you are here reading this blog post, seems like we both love Rilakkuma a lot! Like you, we have been a huge fan of Rilakkuma for a very long time ago. And we are extremely excited to share with you that we are expecting a shipment of Rilakkuma Plushies in just a few weeks' time! Hooray! So without further ado, let’s get started!

As usual, let’s start with some simple introduction of Rilakkuma. As far as we know, Rilakkuma, was derived from the combination of the word ‘relax’ (rirakkusu), and ‘bear’ (kuma). In another word, Rilakkuma is also known as the relax bear! Apart from Rilakkuma, other characters in the story include, Korilakkuma, the playful white bear. Kiiroitori, the yellow bird. And in recent years, Chairoikoguma, also known as Kogumachan, was introduced into the story as well. They are all so adorable!

In today’s blog post, we will be sharing with you some of the Rilakkuma Series Plushies that will be coming to Toy Galería. Let’s dive in!


1) Rilakkuma Plush (Small, Medium, Large)

Rilakkuma Large Plush 22 inches | Toy Galeria SingaporeRilakkuma Medium Plush 15 inches | Toy Galeria SingaporeRilakkuma Small Plush 8 inches | Toy Galeria Singapore

First up, we have the Rilakkuma! Well, we guess we don’t have to re-introduce Rilakkuma again. We know you are probably an expert about Rilakkuma too. :)

So let’s just introduce the features of the plushies! 

Perhaps the most classic and never gets old kind of design for Rilakkuma. This classic plush features the whole of Rilakkuma, and a zipper at the back, just like how we saw it in the story! Made of premium material, this plush will certainly be a wonderful snuggling companion! What’s better? This Rilakkuma Plush will be available in various sizes, small, medium, and large. Hurry and get yours today! :)


2) Korilakkuma Plush (Small, Medium)

 Korilakkuma Medium Plush 13.5 inches | Toy Galeria SingaporeKorilakkuma Small Plush 8 inches | Toy Galeria Singapore

We don’t know about you, but whenever we saw Rilakkuma, we will think of Korilakkuma! In fact, when we first started following them, we thought Korilakkuma was the girlfriend of Rilakkuma, HAHA. But upon some serious research, we realised there wasn’t any official gender assigned to them, and Korilakkuma was named as such because it looks like a small Rilakkuma. With ‘Ko’ in Japanese means ‘child’.

Just like Rilakkuma plushies, Korilakkuma plushies are made of premium material, which makes a great snuggling companion too! Although it does not have a zipper on its back, but the red little cute button in front is what makes it special! Korilakkuma plush is also available in small and medium size. So hurry and get yours today!


3) Kiiroitori Plush (Small, Medium, Large)

 Kiiroitori Large Plush 11 inches | Toy Galeria SingaporeKiiroitori Medium Plush 9 inches | Toy Galeria SingaporeKiiroitori Small Plush 4.5 inches | Toy Galeria Singapore

Next up, we have Kiiroitori, the yellow bird! Unlike Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma, Kiiroitori was a pet yellow bird that Kaoru has kept even before Rilakkuma came. Kiiroitori is hardworking and often reprimand Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma for being lazy and playful respectively.

Kiiroitori plushies offers unparalleled softness and huggablility, with its top quality material used, its a perfect addition to your Rilakkuma Collection. Kiiroitori plush is available in small, medium, and large size. Hurry and get yours today!


4) Chairoikoguma / Kogumachan Plush (Small, Medium)

Chairoikoguma Medium Plush 11 inches | Toy Galeria SingaporeChairoikoguma Small Plush 6.5 inches | Toy Galeria Singapore

Finally, we have Chairoikoguma / Kogumachan, which also meant ‘brown little bear’. Chairoikoguma looks a little similar to Rilakkuma, except it could a real bear because it does not posses any signs of being plush. Chairoikoguma loves honey and smells like it too! It also has shiniers eyes, darker fur, and bear prints on its feet!

Just like all the other Rilakkauma series plushies, the Chairoikoguma plushies are made of premium quality and makes an excellent snuggling companion. The plush features furry chest and bear print on its feet, similar to what we saw it in the story! So adorable! Chairoikoguma plush is available in small and medium size. Hurry and get yours today!


5) Mochi Cushion 14”

Rilakkuma Mochi Cushion 14 inches | Toy Galeria SingaporeKorilakkuma Mochi Cushion 14 inches | Toy Galeria SingaporeKiiroitori Mochi Cushion 14 inches | Toy Galeria SingaporeChairoikoguma Mochi Cushion 14 inches | Toy Galeria Singapore

Let’s introduce Mochi Cushion! All of the four characters are available in Mochi Cushion form as well. These 14” cushion is super soft and huggable! It’s surface washable, making it relatively easier to maintain. To make things easier for you, you can view them individually accordingly. Rilakkuma Mochi Cushion, Korilakkuma Mochi Cushion, Kiiroitori Mochi Cushion, and Chairoikoguma Mochi Cushion. Hurry and get yours today!

Great news! For every pre-order of the Rilakkuma series plush, you can enjoy 10% off. Simply select your favourite Rilakkuma series plush/plushies, discount will be applied automatically upon checkout, no discount codes needed. View all of our Rilakkuma Collection here!

Happy Shopping! :)

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