Smoko's Products Are Here!

Smoko’s Products are here in the Galería!

We are constantly keeping a lookout for fun, cute, and quirky products around the world and bring them to the Galería, for you. This time around, we decided to open up a brand-new product line, The Lifestyle Section. In this section, you will be expecting to see products that are more than just toys or games, in fact, they could be products that you can use it on a daily basis.

And the first we have in line is none other than, Smoko! If you find this brand familiar, yes, we are referring to the Smoko which you have been seeing around on the internet. :) If you are not familiar with it, kindly allow us to do a brief introduction about the brand.

Smoko Inc. was founded in 2011, and it all started with two little USB hand warmers. Since then, they have developed countless hit products such as the Elodie Unicorn Diffuser, Little B Dumpling Ambient Light, and the widely popular Pearl Boba Tea Ambient Light! Of course, not forgetting the Little B Dumpling Airpod Case and Pearl Boba Tea Airpod Case which took the internet by storm recently as well!

With that said, we are super excited to announce that Smoko’s Products are now available here, and Toy Galería is the official reseller of Smoko’s Products! Alright, we believe you are just as excited! You can view our full collection of Smoko’s Products here. Enjoy Shopping! :)


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