Throw Throw Burrito

Throw Throw Burrito
And it’s finally here! The latest (not so) tabletop game from the creators of the highly successful Exploding Kittens. In case you are not familiar with them, they create also the incredibly adorable Bears vs Babies Card Game and the widely popular You’ve Got Crabs Card Game. If you are still unsure what we are talking about, you can visit our previous blog post on Bears vs Babies and You’ve Got Crabs to understand more about these games.
This time they are back with… BURRITOS! Presenting to you the Throw Throw Burrito! The world’s first dodgeball card game! 50% dodgeball, 50% Card game! Now you can officially throw your favorite Burrito at your friends! The objective of the game is simple and suitable for family game night or grownup game night.
Let’s talk about the gameplay. Firstly, place a pair of Burritos on a table and draw cards, keep your cards a secret. Secondly, compete to find three of a kind in the deck and accumulate points. However, if someone plays the Burrito Cards, a Battle ensues! This is when you can demonstrate your perfectly trained dodgeball technique by hitting your opponents with the squishy Burritos to steal points from them.
Throw Throw Burrito | Toy Galeria Singapore
But beware, some battles only involve a handful of players, some will trigger the whole table into a Burrito War, and others will result in a Burrito Duel. If you are still not quite sure about the whole gameplay, as usual, the good guys at Throw Throw Burrito have it covered for you. You may visit here for the video of the Gameplay.
Throw Throw Burrito is here at Toy Galería! Hurry and secure your very own deck here!

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