Welcome all the Ricemonsters from Noodoll!

Welcome all the Ricemonsters from Noodoll to Toy Galería!

As promised from our last blog post, we are going to do some introductions of the products we carried here in Toy Galería Singapore. It will be split into a few blog posts, so keep reading! :)

First up, we have Noodoll! Enter into the World of Noodoll and discover your favourite Ricemonster! Ever saw the super adorable pineapple plush that wears a spectacle? Or the super cute sloth that seems to be always “riceless”? Yes, they are the Ricemonsters from Noodoll!

Kindly allow us to do a short introduction about Noodoll. Noodoll was founded and created by Yiying Wang during her MA course day. In the year 2009, an illustrated book authored by Yiying which features a cast of characters made from rice and noodles were published – The World of Noodoll.

Two years later, the first couple of Ricemonster plush toys were born. To date, there are more than eighty Ricemonsters in the Noo-fam! What’s even more impressive? Each Ricemonster has its own unique personality, which makes each and every one of them special! Apart from plush toys, the Ricemonsters are also available in an array of homeware products, blankets, pillows, and night-lights.

Today, Noodoll is a team of eight that design everything from their studio/shop situated in London. We would definitely loved to visit them someday! ;p

Next, let’s do a little introduction to some of the Ricemonsters that safely landed on the Galería!

First up, we have Riceananas! Riceananas is the geeky pineapple who adored reading superhero comics. Features in a yellow body, green leafy hair, and bright blue spectacles, this super loveable plush is irresistibly cute! Riceananas safely landed on the Galería in two sizes, the Classic Plush size, and the Cushion size!

Noodoll Classic Plush - Riceananas | Toy Galeria SingaporeNoodoll Cushion - Riceananas | Toy Galeria Singapore

Next, we have Ricesurimi, this snappy crab gets frustrated easily! Ricesurimi loves pinching, dislikes crabsticks, and can’t live without the gym! Ricesurimi safely landed on Toy Galería as a Music Mobile!

Noodoll Music Mobile - RIcesurimi | Toy Galeria Singapore

Finally, let’s bring our attention to the cheeriest mouse in Ricetown Centre, Ricecracker! Ricecracker loves playing board games, dislikes crackers, and can’t live without making others feel happy! Such a lovely mouse! Ricecracker safely landed on Toy Galería as a Night Light!

Noodoll Night Light - Ricecracker | Toy Galeria Singapore

There are simply too many Ricemonsters for us to do an introduction on, if you would like to know more of them, you can view our collection of Noodoll here! We hope this blog post is helpful in introducing Noodoll to you, till the next blog post, happy shopping! :)


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