Partner Us

Hello! Welcome to Toy Galería! So we see that partnering us seems to be of interest to you, just like us looking forward to explore new opportunities with you! You might be wondering what is this about and how the partnership goes about. Well, kindly allow us to share more details with you below. :)


1) What is this about?

Toy Galería operates with a mission of sourcing quality toys and games around the globe and present them to our customers. As such, we are constantly looking to expand our product offerings to our customers, But we also understand there are simply too many good products that goes under the radar, it wouldn't be possible for us to be able to source every single one of them by ourselves. 

Therefore, if you are a brand owner, representing brand(s), or creator, we would like to invite you for a partnership!


2) How does the partnership goes about?

The partnership is straight forward. In short, simply deliver your products to us, and we will take it over from there. :)


3) Why should I partner with Toy Galería?

Time, traffic, and marketing. As mentioned above, the partnership could be as simple as delivering your products to us, and we will take it over from there. This means, from the point we received your products, we will take care of administrative all the way till order fulfilment. Furthermore, you could enjoy our traffic, marketing efforts, and ultimately saving more time to source for/create new products!  


4) Do I need to pay Toy Galería for the partnership? If yes, how much will that be?

Apart from the consignment commissions for each sale made, there are no additional charges. 

If you are interested in forging a healthy and long term working relationship with us, simply contact us and we will discuss further from there. :)


5) I don't represent brand(s) nor am I a brand owner/creator, I'm just a reseller. Will Toy Galería be interested for a partnership?

Not to worry at all! Our doors are always open for exploring new opportunities, if you are a reseller and interested in partnering us, simply contact us and we will discuss further. :) 


6) Sounds good, I am ready to discuss new opportunities with Toy Galería. How should I do that?

Hooray! Simply contact us and do a short introduction about the products you carry. And we will get back to you the soonest possible! Thank you! :)