USApoly Telestrations After Dark Board Game | Toy Galeria
USApoly Telestrations After Dark Board Game | Toy Galeria

Telestrations After Dark

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An award-winning game! Telestrations is a game of sketching and guessing, would you be able to guess what your friends sketch? Or will your friends be able to make a smart guess of what you have just sketched? Definitely, a fun game that will keep your family and friends entertained! 

Each player starts by sketching a Telestrations word determined by the dice rolled. You may use the classic sand timer which comes in the set to limit the time of the sketching! All players will then pass their sketches to the next player and guess what had been drawn, the game goes on..


*Note, this is an adult version of the award-winning Telestrations. They have the same gameplay, however, the content of the words had been changed to more adult fare. 

Each set contains:

1) Eight erasable sketchbooks and markers

2) One dice

3) One Sand-timer

4) 2400 words to choose from


- 30mins play

- 4-8 Players

- For ages 18+

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